What are some other pachinko websites?

WARNING: We have no control over the information or products on these websites.

Website / Company Name Notes
Dan Reed Dan Reed’s excellent site on pachinko.
Reborn Radios Ben Restores Vintage Radios.
Flippers Sells game room products, has generic wiring diagrams.
Pachitalk Forum for questions about modern pachinko machines.
Wikipedia Information on modern pachinko machines.
Big D Pachinko pictures, information and cabinet plans.
Kick the Fog Pachinko pictures, information and cabinet plans.
Gerber Designs Sells plans for a pachinko cabinet.
Classic Plastic Chronicles of Pachinko Machine Restoration.
Slots Direct Sells modern pachinko machines, balls and other accessories.
Stealth Home Amusement Sells pachislo machines, pachinko balls and volume controls.
Slot Pachinko Sells modern pachinko machines, cabinets and balls.
SATO TEKKOU How pachinko balls are made.
The Rust Store Sells products for the removal of rust from metal.
The Real Bob Roberts A great guy who sells a variety of coin-op parts.
Pachitalk Thread Info on Restoration
William Cardwell Buys, Sells and Repairs Pachinko Machines.