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We have repaired and restored hundreds of vintage pachinko machines. One of the biggest problems with vintage pachinko machines is dirt, dust, oil, rust, etc. can interfere with the normal operation of the over 100 moving plastic and metal parts.

Before sending us your machine, please email pictures of the front and back of the machine to . After we look at the pictures and give the OK, use these packaging tips to send us your machine. Once we receive and evaluate your machine, we will send you an estimate.

Our Repair Service

We will perform any needed repairs so your machine is playable. However, we don’t disassemble and clean your machine like we do for a restoration, therefore we can’t guarantee how long your machine will be playable. We will perform necessary repairs at $40 per hour plus parts and any optional items below.

Some of our Restoration Services

We completely disassemble and clean your pachinko machine. Rust is removed from metal parts and the chrome parts. Polish all brass nails on playing field. Replace the playing field background artwork. Yellowing plastic treatment (Lightens yellowing plastic). The wood or laminate on the front around the playfield is cleaned. The wood frame is sanded and polished. Refinish wood frame face. The black trim on the wood frame is repainted. The process can take about 2 to 4 weeks and any optional items below.



Optional Items


One or more lights will flash when you get a jackpot and another light will come on and stay on to let you know your supply tray in back needs to be refilled. We repair and replace parts as needed and you can choose between a 9 volt  battery and a wall plug transformer as your power source. Most people choose the 9 volt battery option.

Glass or Plexiglas

We prefer glass as it is easier to clean and makes a nice clinking sound as the balls bounce off it. However, if the machine gets knocked over, the glass could break. We don’t ship machines with glass, so that option is only available if you are picking up your machine. Glass can be purchased at your local hardware store. Most people choose plexiglas.

Pachinko Balls

200 Balls are needed for play however we recommend 500 to 1,000 balls. The more you have, the less often you will need to stop and refill your machine. Most people choose 500 pachinko balls. Contact us for availability and prices.

Support Boards

Pachinko machines need to be stabilized so they don’t fall over. We can attach support boards.

Touch-up Paint for Plastic Playfield Parts

Sometimes the paint on the main attraction or pockets may flake off. We can touch up paint and/or foiling on playing field features.

Return Shipping

You can arrange your own shipping or we can ship your machine  through Federal Express Ground or UPS within the United States. International shipping through Federal Express is available; contact us for an estimate.

Pictures of Our Restoration Process

Before and after pictures of the front of the machine.


All parts are removed from the front and back of the machine and hand-cleaned. Over 135 parts and about 350 screws, nuts, bolts, washers, springs, etc.

Restore24 Restore25

The brass pins/nails are polished (see polished pins on the right side of picture).


The wood frame is sanded and polished. All metal hardware is removed and cleaned.

Restore07 Restore08

The paint on plastic playfield parts is touched up (colors may not be an exact match).

Restore17 Restore18