Original Pachinko Machine Instructions

After being in service in a pachinko parlor in Japan, pachinko machines were often exported to other countries and sold as ‘reconditioned’.  Some simple instructions were included on 1 or more pieces of paper. 

The links below are to copies of those simple instructions.  Each reseller might create their own instructions.  While the basics are covered in all of them, there is something different or extra on each of these versions.

These instructions are provided as-is for those who may find them useful. If after reviewing these instructions, or watching Pachinko Videos on You Tube you are still unable to get your machine working, you may want to consider commercially available manuals or repair services.

Pachinko Maintenance (all manufacturers)

Nishijin B – version 1 
Nishijin B – version 2 
Nishijin B – version 3 
Nishijin B – version 4 

Nishijin A – version 1 
Nishijin A – version 2