Major Pachinko Machine Designs

In general if a pachinko machine has a chrome lever that you ‘flip’ to shoot the balls, it is considered ‘vintage’ and was made before 1980.  If a pachinko machine has a round knob that you turn to shoot the balls, it is considered ‘modern’ and was made after 1980.

Vintage Pachinko ‘Flipper’                              Modern Pachinko ‘Knob’


Vintage Pachinko Machines

Vintage pachinko machines were mass-produced from the 1950s to the 1970s but there were some made in the 1940s and perhaps as early as the 1920s.

Vintage pachinko machines are purely mechanical and do not need electricity to play.  You can hook up lights that flash when you get a jackpot, but that is optional. The sound you hear when you get a jackpot is the balls falling down hitting a bell, there are no speakers.

1940s Pachinko Machine


1950s Pachinko Machine

1960s Pachinko Machine


Early 1970s Pachinko Machine

Mid 1970s Pachinko Machine

Late 1970’s Pachinko Machine

Modern Pachinko Machines

Any pachinko machines made after 1980 are classified as modern. They have a round knob that you turn to automatically launch the balls onto the playfield.

Modern pachinko machines must have electricity to operate all the motors, LCD screens, reels, lights and speakers.

Early 1980s Pachinko Machine


Late 1980s Pachinko Machine


Early 2000s Pachinko Machine


Mid 2000s Pachinko Machines




Late 2000s Pachinko Machine


Here is a link to another website with detailed information on modern frame design and age.