How old is my pachinko machine?

About 90% of vintage pachinko machines are from the 1970s.  About 8% are from the 1960s and the rest are from the 1950s or earlier.  Percentages are approximate based on our research, eBay auctions and Craigslist postings.

Where can I find the year of manufacture on my pachinko machine? You can’t.  Vintage pachinko machines were not stamped with a year of manufacture.

How can I tell how old my machine is? There are several ways you can estimate the age of your pachinko machine.

  • Major Pachinko Machine Designs can help you quickly identify a rare 1940s or 1950s, an uncommon 1960s or a common 1970s or later pachinko machine.
  • Pachinko Machine Expiration Dates shows you how to determine the year the machine expired.  It was likely manufactured in the year prior to expiration.
  • Playfield Numbers lists numbers/letters printed on a playfield and what year that playfield was made.  The machine was likely manufactured the same year.
  • Vintage Pachinko Museum has pictures of hundreds of pachinko machines with year of manufacture.  Browse for a machine that looks similar to yours.