How do you package and ship pachinko machines?

How to Package a Pachinko Machine

FedEx, The UPS Store or other shipping stores can pack it for you. If you package it yourself here are some tips.

Most companies will charge you based on the weight. For very large packages some companies have an extra charge. To avoid this extra charge, your box should be under 130 inches girth. Girth is measured by length (longest side) plus both widths, plus both heights. So the girth of a 36″ x 12″ x 24″ box would be 36+12+12+24+24 or 108 inches.

Please make sure the box is sturdy and there is plenty of cushion, especially around the plastic tray on the front and the plastic tray on the back. There should be no empty space in your box otherwise the machine bounce around inside the box during shipment. Completely fill it with peanuts, bubble wrap or sturdy packaging paper.

If you can’t find one box that is big enough, you can try the following method. Open the top of one box. Place the machine standing up in the box diagonally, with the top flaps up. Fill the box with packing material. Take another box and slide it down and over the first box. Tape it all together.

Ship to Our Mailing Address

If you are sending your machine to us for repair or restoration, please use our mailing address.